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Supportive Housing
We are providing Care-focused and controlled living environments with 24-hour monitoring and on-call support staff.
We conduct a random collection of urine samples to ensure patient accountability and program progression
Outpatient Therapy
We are providing Substance abuse treatment sessions through individual and group therapy. Grace and Peace's treatment plans are affordable, flexible, and allows access to family.
12 Step Program
We subscribe and promote participation in a 12-step program of recovery, which provides an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle.
Goal Setting Life Skills
  • Learning how to identify something to work towards a desired purpose or result
  • Identify task steps necessary to achieve their goal
  • Make and follow an action plan and evaluate client progress. Revise their plan if their goal was not met


The "We Clean Up Well" program provides individual and group treatment for: 

Drug Addiction/Substance Use 
Dual Diagnosis
(psychiatric illness coupled with addiction) 


Trained staff work from a client-centered approach to support recovery through: 

·    Establishment of a recovery network 
·    Relapse prevention measures 
·    Education to promote recovery 

Our current groups include:

· Men’s and Women’s Relapse and Recovery
· Substance-Specific Psycho-Educational Groups
· Dual Diagnosis Recovery

More Services


We Clean Up Well provides transportation to designated programs.

Job Placement

We assist with finding placement agencies and provide necessary tools for job search.

Peer Support

An experienced workforce that helps others on the road to recovery through education, mentorship, and promotion. Peer professionals increase client participation and assists with day-to-day problem-solving

Community Resources

Link and refer clients to all community resources that assist with food, long-term housing, and medically assisted substance abuse treatment.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Reintegrating clients back into society through social events and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Guided meditation

Instructors guide clients through the basic steps of the practice in person or online. Clients benefit through focusing on the present, increasing self-awareness, and building skills to manage stress.

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